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Experience the transformative power of the "Buy, Borrow, Die" strategy, a financial approach mastered since the 90s by the most successful individuals. Until now, this lucrative strategy remained an exclusive secret of the wealthy elite. This course isn't just an educational journey; it's your gateway to leveling the playing field. By enrolling, you'll gain insider knowledge and practical skills, previously inaccessible to the average person. Don't miss this rare opportunity to revolutionize your financial perspective. Secure your spot now and embark on a journey to financial empowerment. RSVP today and be part of the change!

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Transform your financial expertise into a realm of remarkable potential. As a graduate of The Perfect Portfolio, you are exclusively invited to ascend to the next level of financial mastery by becoming a Certified Financial Alchemist. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your financial acumen to the heights of alchemy, transforming economic challenges into golden opportunities. Act now, secure your spot, and begin your transformation into a Certified Financial Alchemist. Your journey towards financial transcendence awaits!

Tracing the Roots

Our Founder
Mark Quann

“After working as a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) for over a decade I realized that the advice given by the vast majority of “financial advisors” and many CPAs was not the best advice for those intending to build large amounts of WEALTH. REMii Group was founded to deliver the most effective strategies for cost-reduction, asset protection and tax-reduction to the many business owners that have been underserved and only given access to “average” financial strategies and products.

Mark Quann

REMii Group Founder

Instagram Mark

The Perfect Portfolio is
life changing

What our students say about the course:

“Before The Perfect Portfolio I was dependent upon my financial planner for my family's financial future. Having enough funds to be financially independent was a pipe dream. Now I am empowered and already am making enough in dividends to cover just about all our monthly expenses. Even more than that, I now have the knowledge to make wise financial decisions in beary market, executing "Buy Borrow Die" and teaching this to my spouse, children, family and friends. I’m so thankful to have found The Perfect Portfolio!”

Troy J.

Mortgage Broker, We Do Loans

"Highly recommend this course! Just recently pulled a hack and will increase my monthly cash flow by $1,500 + a month. Used OPM to pay off real estate loans, invest and make dividends, borrow more, and increase my cashflow from -629 to +918. Thank you Mark Quann!"

Robert J.

Financial Services

"This course has opened up my mind to things that I never knew were out there; never thought of before. This course really opened up my eyes. After this course, I feel like I can really help out my sister not only financially, but also educating her and her children to help make their lives easier. "

Lisa M.

Accountant and Operations Manager

“I’m really starting to look at how I can increase my income. I’m hoping to replace passive income so I can retire and still work but doing things that I want to do, helping other people more, volunteering more and then my day-to-day job will be making more money, but it’s not like I’m working for somebody else.”

Jean C.

Financial Planner and Tax Professional

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